The Vision: To establish a professional, neutral and central shared space that supports the community, visitors and our industries through the provision of information, connections and community development.

The Next Stage for the Te Manawa, Te Puke Centre project is here and now!

Yes, we need to fundraise for the refurbishment of the interior of 81 Jellicoe Street Te Puke so that the co-working space and the Board and meeting rooms can be created. See the Concept plan in the Te Manawa, Te Puke Centre brochure.

This fundraising campaign is a month long campaign ending on 29th February 2020 when we need funds in the bank in order to be able to submit our application to Lotteries Facilities Fund for the refurbishment. Lotteries Facilities requires 1/3 funds in the bank from the community of the total project at the time of the submission of the application, otherwise it will not be looked at.

As you can see we are looking to raise a minimum of $100,000 for the refurbishment plus another optimum $100,000 for the activation of the centre which includes some staffing, equipment and operations costs. Our aim is to be fiscally sustainable within three years and obviously once we have the co-working spaces and board and meeting rooms available the social enterprise model will be extended to include income from these renovated facilities.

We do have a big plan and vision and would love your support to progress this. See the newsletter that has gone out to all households in the Te Puke area and surrounds for more information. Have a look under How you can Help for ways to donate.

With your backing we will be able to progress this project.